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UN Aids

UN Aids and Tessy, Princess of Luxembourg

Tessy has been appointed Global Advocate for Young Women and Adolescent Girls at UNAIDS in 2015. Since then, she was able to travel for UNAIDS on a mandate to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS among young women and adolescent girls by attending lectures, speak to key stakeholders, and go and visit organisations on the ground. She has been working closely with the Princess of Swaziland and Prince Africa Zulu. Both of these young people are also very engaged in raising awareness of HIV/AIDS in their regions and form a great team of young advocates to address the HIV/Aids epidemic.

Moreover, She had the great honour to work on several occasions with HRH Prince Harry who is also a great advocate for this cause.


She has been involved for years now with NAZ, a HIV/AIDS advocacy organisation that organises the NOSCARS to honour game changers living with HIV/AIDS. http://www.thenoscars.com/


Tessy has been appointed Patron to UNA-UK, the highest position in the organisation along with Lord Malloch Brown, one of the creators of the millenium goals. Tessy was 5 years in the military herself where she was deployed to Yugoslavia as only woman of her draft. Her experience in the UN Peacekeeping program put the framework in place for the work she is doing with UNA-UK. UNA-UK is raising awareness on sexual violence in conflict among many other topics they address.

UNA UK Conversation with Tessy

UNA new patrons, Tessy and Lord Malloch Brown

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