Welcome to the website of Tessy de Nassau, Princess of Luxembourg. You can read about Tessy’s humanitarian work and much more.

“I want to hear from you about your projects on women empowerment and social impact. Only together change is possible. I am not a magician, and yes, there are people that do not support my work as there are people who encourage me to do even more. Do not forget that what people think is not relevant. Great change makers have faced resistance in the past and always will in the future. That is because they question the status quo and speak their truth to enable an environment where everyones opinion and persona matter. But let me tell you, this should not intimidate you. It should encourage you to go the extra mile.

My work is not to change lives on a big scale looking at numbers of people. It is rather an intervention and sign of support to everyone who feels that my work empowers them and guides them through hard times, difficult decisions and disruptive movements that benefit the sustainable growth of one self and the society at large.

Therefore, we have come a long way. Yet, much is still to be done. Join me by using your skills to be the change maker in your communities. I want to hear about you, your message, your struggle, your ambitions, and your projects! I hear you and support your work to make this world a better place.

Congratulations to those who take the courage to speak up for themselves and for others who need it the most!