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Tessy Antony – de Nassau is a proud mother of two young royal princes, humanitarian and businesswoman. She holds a M.Sc in International Studies and Diplomacy and an Honorary Doctorate for her work in global education. She also spent five years in the military and is a UNAids Global Advocate for Young Women and Adolescent Girls.

Tessy stays engaged as Co-Founder of the educational NGO “Professors Without Borders”. She is also the Co-Founder and Director of Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd – a global consultancy providing resources on education and women’s empowerment.

Tessy is also currently producing her new podcast, Meeting New Friends Through Tessy’s Lens, producing her new documentary series, “Princesses” about the working conditions of women around the world and preparing to co-launch Human Highness – a new clothing brand with her business partner, Milli Meier.


Introducing Her Business

Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd

Tessy created Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd because she saw a need for more in-depth consulting in the educational sector and women inclusion. It aims to provide long-term, impactful solutions in order to generate a progressive and timely change for communities, individuals, institutions and governments. It is guided by the following values:


Inclusivity of Thought


Finding Butterflies Consulting Ltd leverages its vast network to create safe spaces of dialogue between key players and stakeholders. As director, Tessy works hands-on to consult, educate and empower her clients in order to develop their philanthropic impact on world issues.



“Meeting New Friends Through Tessy’s Lens” is a conversational podcast featuring people that inspire Tessy.

Human Highness

A new feminist clothing brand by Tessy de Nassau and Milli Meier.

Coming in 2020

Professors Without Borders

PROWIBO is a social enterprise that specializes in international education services.

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