I had the great honour to be part of the number #1 most listened Podcast in the whole Middle East ” When Women Win” with my wonderful friend and fellow women empowerment activist and leader Rana.

“No personality has just one dimension – or even two. People are fascinating concoctions of multiple experiences… And such is today’s guest.

Her Royal Highness Princess Tessy of Luxembourg has extensive experience in formal and informal diplomacy. She spent five years in the military, a portion of which was as a peace-keeper in Kosovo. Tessy passionately promotes a number of causes including human rights, women’s rights and global health. In January 2017, she received the ‘Woman of the Decade Award’ from the Women Economic Forum for her work in women empowerment, security and peace.

We discussed the role of the military and that of the United Nations. We explored formal and informal education. We talked about parenting and the value of exposing one’s children to diversity at a young age. Finally, HRH Tessy provided some actionable tools for busy people in the world who want to find different ways to give back to society.

-When Women Win, Rana”


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