“I am passionate about reading. As such, arguing different topics and elaborating on different perspectives through writing after finalising my readings has and remains a great passion of mine. I uploaded some of my academic research papers for you to review and enjoy.

Some papers such as how the tomato colonised the world,  or Japanese food culture and how political an ‘obento’ box really is, are amongst my favourite pieces. Not forgetting the paper I wrote on the mental state of leaders and how that affects the foreign policy of a country— A must read especially with the leaders we are having at the moment. I can assure you that you will look at your leaders in a different way.

Find the Link here: (click on the hyperlink)


I also created a video on homelessness. (everything in the video has been produced and executed by myself:) I hope you enjoy it.


Happy Reading”

Yours, Tessy


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