Toronto has been so far a wonderful experience. When i heard first about African Fashion week in Toronto I was wondering why Toronto? Now all is clear:) Toronto has a very large extended African community which definitely adds to the cultural diversity and beauty of the country.

It is my second full day today here and I am already looking back at two days of enchanting fashion shows, all the people i have met and the experience around the events. Fashion is a beacon of communication and empowerment. It is a tool that enables cultural discussions that goes beyond politics. With fashion ability to cut through political issues and government agendas it enables genuine dialogue, relationships, and ultimately memories. There is nothing more important in my mind than a memory. You can take a memory everywhere, for the rest of your life….. Stay tuned for my whole speech at the awards gala tonight.

Look at my dress here by Adebayo Jones (click on the video) link:IMG_5619

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