Women In Higher Education Initiative

PROWIBO co-founder Tessy de Nassau will be launching the Women in Higher Education Initiative at PROWIBO’s Women’s Breakfast.

The objectives of the Women In Higher Education Initiatives are:

  • establishing new partnerships with women universities in developing countries
  • maintaining a commitment to promoting educational opportunities exclusively for women
  • improving recruitment of women in institutions of higher education
  • developing strategies to improve retention of women pursuing degrees in Higher education

Women-Only Summer School Programs

To date, PROWIBO operates two women-only summer school programs at the Karamat Husain Muslim Girls P.G. College in Lucknow, India and at the African Rural University in Kagadi, Uganda. Through these women-only programs, PROWIBO aims to utilise our summer school model to empower young women around the world through education.

In partnership with 

For more informations visit www.prowibo.com

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