(Luxembourg, RTL Today, 3/10/2020)

The second edition of Luxembourg fashion week kicked off on Saturday at Galeries Lafayette. 

Naturally, this year’s maximum number of visitors was reduced due to the pandemic. Four collections could however be presented in total: Zaady, La Gräfin, Monica, and Human Highness. The latter has a direct link to the Grand Duchy, being the production of Tessy Antony de Nassau, former wife of Prince Louis.


The fashion line came about through a joint effort between Tessy and her friend, designer Milli Maier.

The collection focuses on capes made out of yak wool, mostly in grey, black, and beige tones. It was presented for the first time on the catwalk in Luxembourg City. The limited edition of capes was created to reflect power, beauty, and elegance. The collection Human Highness will eventually be sold at Galeries Lafayette.

“I’m excited to launch our collaborative brand as a sign of global unity and mutual contribution to inspire the world to become a better place for all of us. I truly admire Tessy as a woman and as an icon for all of us. She is hardworking and humble to serve and uplift humanity across countries and it’s my honor to learn and co-create new visions and horizons with her” Milli Maier

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