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Finding Butterflies Consultancy Ltd 

Finding Butterflies Consultancy Ltd is an independent global consultancy focusing on Impact projects, CSR and implementation of new strategy in the domain of education and women empowerment.

As director, Tessy Antony – de Nassau works hand-in-hand with clients to consult, educate and empower organizations to develop their philanthropic impact on world issues.

Finding Butterflies Consultancy Ltd works with organizations like the Vodafone Foundation Luxembourg, Investing in Women, Montessori Centre International, Guardian Angels Nigeria, Greenlight4Girls, MADI and others.

A new podcast Coming this year

Meeting New Friends Through Tessy’s Lens

This summer, Tessy is introducing a brand new podcast featuring in-depth conversations with some of her favourite philanthropists, visionaries and innovators around the world.

Through long-form discussions about their work and influence, Tessy hopes to provide a platform for the world’s leaders and game-changers, as well as the less visible individuals of change to discuss their work.

The podcast will be coming soon – stay posted here and by following @tessy_from_luxembourg on Instagram.


Professors without Borders

Tessy had known of the inequality and injustice in the global educational system and sought to build an organisation to help bridge this gap. After consulting with her two friends and colleagues, now Co-Founders, they decided to create a social enterprise designed to give equal educational quality to all – no matter where he or she is born.

Professors Without Borders is an organisation specializing in higher education. The vision is to create a global community of academics and professionals who want to share their passion for knowledge with students around the world. Professors Without Borders aims to bridge the educational divide between countries, as well as between students and their teachers. 

“We aspire to halt the brain drain by bringing teachers in rather than taking students out.”


Human Highness

Tessy’s newest project fulfills her lifelong dream of designing clothing. Centered on its mission to empower women through fashion, this upcoming bespoke collection seeks to release the super-heroine in all of us.

Produced with ethically and sustainably sourced yak wool, Human Highness is a statement of solidarity, feminism and grace. Tessy has teamed up with her longtime friend and business partner Milli Maier to create this unique brand. 

Human Highness collection 2019

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